More Young Couples Paying For Own Wedding

It’s common knowledge that weddings are expensive, so you may think that young people tying the knot want to get as much financial help as they can to pay for their big day, but it seems that the opposite is true.

The Huffington Post reported on a survey by wedding planning app Bridebrook, which found that those in the millennial generation (aged 25 to 35) are increasingly taking on the financial burden alone rather than getting help from their parents.

According to the research, there has been an 18 per cent fall in the number of couples getting help to cover the cost of their nuptials.

The news provider spoke to a few young couples who’ve all chosen to finance their wedding on their own, with one couple explaining that they didn’t want to put the burden on their parents who don’t have much disposable income.

Founder of Bridebrook Hamish Shephard said that he believes part of the reason is that people are getting married at an older age and “no longer see it as their parents’ responsibility”. He added that by paying for the whole event themselves, couples also don’t have to feel guilty if they want to splash out a bit more.

That means they can go all out when choosing their wedding marquees in Surrey, and choose the catering and other elements of their big day based on their own tastes and preferences, rather than being influenced by family.

The Huffington Post points out that the average wedding in the UK now costs £17,913, so even if couples want to do something special, they may be looking for ways to reduce their costs.

One of the great things about having a marquee as your venue is that you literally have a blank canvas to decorate as you choose and that means you can make it really personal to the two of you.

According to Etsy, some of the biggest crafty trends of the moment are alternative guest books that will look great on display in the marital home long after the wedding has ended, and the use of acrylics in decor.

Clear acrylic items, including place settings and signs, are rising in popularity, with the website noting that because they are crisp, simple and have no colour of their own, they can be used in almost any decor scheme.

The site notes that it “pairs especially well with loose, romantic greenery and florals in ceremony and reception decor” but stressed that “there’s no wrong way” to use it in your wedding decorations.


A shift away from the rustic country-style weddings we’ve seen a lot of on social media in recent years is also predicted, with more couples opting for what Etsy describes as a southwestern style. Think American desert scenes, sunsets over Arizona and cacti if you want to do justice to this particular theme.


Making some of your own decorations can help you keep your spending a bit lower and also makes the whole day a bit more personal. Even if you don’t want any financial assistance, you might be glad of some of your friends and family lending their time to help you make your own decorations and get your marquee looking perfect.