The Latest Trends In Wedding Rings

Here at Crystal Marquees we work for many couples who are just about to embark on the special journey of marriage. We have become experts in most areas of weddings, as we have prepared Marquees for a variety of weddings across the county. We have written about wedding invites, attire and even the most suitable seasons for a wedding to occur. Now, we have decided to put a post together covering Wedding Ring trends! Do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts, we hope you enjoy the insight.

Shopping together for wedding rings is one of the most exciting parts of the preparations for the marriage of any engaged couple. It is an opportunity to put the organisation of the day itself to one side and be treated as VIPs by the jewellers as you mull over the options.

But as the intention is that your wedding will be a one-off occasion, it can be a daunting experience, especially bearing in mind that wedding ring styles do change over time, yet the designs that the happy couple choose will stay with them for many years and symbolise the lasting commitment each one of them made to the other in their wedding day vows.

This is why, more so than with engagement rings, wedding ring design tends towards the more conservative. After all, the chosen design should be one that will always bring back happy memories to the wearer, and be something in keeping with their own personal style.

Plain rings still number 1
Classic, plain wedding rings remain the most popular choice, not least because they can be enhanced by having a personal message from each half of the couple engraved on them.

Although they have always had a special attraction in engagement rings, diamonds are also gaining in popularity as an element of wedding ring design, especially in styles which feature a row of diamonds running around all of the outside of the ring and enclosed with platinum or gold bands.

For a wedding ring that will stand out and offer a degree of personalisation, you could always go for one with a gemstone set into it. A modern variant on the traditional four-point setting is a tension setting, in which the stone sits flush in a surrounding of tiny diamonds – a very classy look.

The use of a centrepiece diamond will also be accentuated if you choose one of the vintage-inspired styles that are now gaining in popularity. Many of these retro-look rings are designed to look fine and delicate when worn, and give a look that has a timeless appeal.

A daunting task
A respected professional jeweller will appreciate the daunting task couples face in finding designs that satisfy both their tastes. The ease a couple have in coming to a consensus over their choice of rings could well set the pattern for the harmony they will enjoy together as a married couple.

Given this, there is no wonder that the choice of wedding rings is imbued with such heavy symbolism.

Finally, of course, the rings will be right in the spotlight on the wedding day itself. The happy couple’s photographer is likely to want to capture them from many angles, and use them as the basis for some creative shots to go into the wedding album. So, whether the couple go for matching rings or decide to opt for contrasting styles, serious consideration should be given to how they will sit together in this showpiece event.