Be Inspired By These Incredible Royal Weddings!

The furore over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting hitched has just about died down but no doubt there are many couples out there who have pinched a few ideas from the ceremony to use in their own weddings.

Which got us to thinking here at Crystal Marquee Hire – what have other royal weddings been like over the years and would they too make similarly good sources of inspiration for your forthcoming nuptials?

Luckily, we didn’t have to ponder on this subject for all that long because the helpful folk over at E News have published an article on this very topic… and it certainly does make for interesting and enlightening reading.

Can’t decide on which wedding cake is your favourite? Then all you need to do is take a leaf out of the Queen and her wedding to Prince Philip – they apparently had an astounding 11 cakes at their reception… no need to make any decisions whatsoever! The main attraction was baked by McVitie and Price, and was known as the 10,000 Mile Cake because it was baked using ingredients taken from all over the commonwealth, including sugar from Australia.

For Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding, the couple didn’t even hang around for the wedding breakfast, instead sailing off on their honeymoon around the Mediterranean on board the Britannia yacht. But reports flooded in that they had plumped for traditional British breakfast food for their guests, including kedgeree, baked beans, eggs and so on.

This is actually an idea that we really like and think would go down a treat for your own wedding ceremony. It would be very easy to satisfy all dietary requirements and also very simply to glam up a bit to make it fit for a wedding.

In yet another lavish affair, Zara Phillips (Princess Anne’s daughter) took the pludge with rugby player Mike Tindall back in 2011, with guests presented with venison, lobster, chocolate fondant with summer strawberries, Laurent Perrier champagne and a vodka fountain!

And who wouldn’t want a vodka fountain, we ask? As the crowning glory at your wedding, you could certainly do a lot worse… and you know your guests will thank you for its inclusion. These are simply blocks of pure ice that have been carved into whatever shape you like, with a channel drilled through the ice from the top to an exit point on the side.

Vodka is then poured into the top hole and guests can either be polite and use a shot glass or be a bit more uncouth and place their mouth near the exit point, ready and waiting for their drink. Vodka is traditionally used for this but if it’s not your tipple of choice, you can use whatever alcoholic drink you want.

These luges, as they’re also known, are perfect for parties – so what about suggesting that you and your guests have team matches with a fun prize at the end.

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