How much does a marquee cost?
This very much depends on how luxurious you want the marquee to be. A simple marquee will cost about £10 to £15 pounds per head but a themed and fully kitted out marquee will cost around £100.00 per head. Most weddings we find cost approximately £30 to £35 per head.

What size marquee do I need?
Typically for a sit down dinner you should allow 3m x 3m of space for every ten guests seated around a 5 foot table. For a standing function we would recommend that you allow 3m x 3m for every 15 guests. You will need to allow further space for dance floors, bars, buffet stations and stages etc. Why not try our Build Your Own table planner.

What equipment does Crystal Marquee Hire supply?
We supply most equipment that you will require for any type of function. The main items that we do not supply are cutlery, crockery and catering equipment excluding tables and chairs. These are usually supplied by the caterers themselves. We will even organise generators, power boards and toilet units should you require them.

Does my garden need to be on one level?
No, using the latest very adaptable aluminium framework we can build a marquee over many different levels.

What if my garden slopes, can we still have a marquee?
We are able to sort out most undulating gardens with a wooden floor. However, it is unlikely we can change the gradient. Therefore, to help decide if your garden is still suitable we would recommend placing a table and some chairs on the lawn and seeing how comfortable it is sat on the chair. Also fill a glass with water as this is a good guide. We can advise you further at the free, no obligation site visit.

What about obstacles such as trees, flower beds and ponds?
We can usually overcome these obstacles by building the marquee over the top of them so they become incorporated. Please see our ‘tight for space’ section of this site. We would need to do a free no obligation site visit to advise you further but don‘t rule out a marquee until this has been done as very often clients are surprised by what is possible.

Are your marquees waterproof? Can I have a marquee in the winter, is it warm enough?
Our marquees are designed for use all year round. The frames are made from highly strengthened aluminium and steel. The heavy weight PVC that we use for the roofs and the walls conforms to BS5438 for safety and fire retardency. We use a variety of different heating systems depending on the size of the marquee and the function. These can operate on a thermostat just like inside your home.

Does the marquee have to go onto a lawn?
No, we can erect our marquees on many different surfaces. However, we do need to secure the marquee to the ground. During our free, no obligation site visit we can assess the ground and discuss with you how best to achieve this.

Can we open up the sides on a hot day?
Every three metres there is a wall that splits apart. The knot at the bottom is undone and the wall simply pushes to the side along a curtain rail just like inside your home.

When will you put up and take down the marquee?
Typically, for a weekend function we like to erect the marquee a couple of days early to give you some time to add any additional decorations or lay the tables etc. We would then take the marquee away on the Monday or Tuesday after.
Erecting and dismantling the marquees for a mid-week function can vary.

Will my marquee be insured?
Yes, the marquee is insured by the 5% Damage Waiver Fee that will appear on the quote. For further details please see the ‘Conditions of Hire’ on the reverse of the quote.